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You must (i) initiate the signup of your wellevate℠ account (at by December 31, 2016 and, (ii) have at least three (3) patients complete the purchase of a product or products using the wellevate℠ platform within forty five (45) days after you initiate the signup of your wellevate℠ account to be eligible for a discount coupon. Please allow approximately thirty (30) days from the date your third patient has completed their purchase for your discount coupon to be reflected as a credit balance in your Emerson Ecologics/wellevate℠ accounts. If the credit balance for your discount coupon is not reflected in your accounts within thirty (30) days, please contact

Discount coupons will be automatically applied to your Emerson Ecologics/wellevate℠ accounts and will show as a credit balance, eliminating the need for a coupon code. Discount coupons must be used within ninety (90) days of the date received or by June 15, 2017 whichever comes first.

This is a one-time promotional offer and cannot be combined with other offers. Once you have qualified for a discount coupon, you cannot qualify again.

This offer can be withdrawn by Emerson Ecologics, LLC and/or Wellevate LLC at any time.